What do I do?  Provide Cutting Edge Thought-Leadership for Relationships

I use a psychotherapeutic framework to address intra-personal and inter-personal relationship dynamics in a fun-filled and dynamic way.  I am flexible about how I work:  a within a group setting for an educative, practical approach or individually for deeper work if required.  The most important thing for me professionally is to work at management level first, as it is these people who have the power to implement systemic, healthy change.  Frankly, I am tired of feeling a little like Hot Lips Houlihan working at the M*A*S*H hospital – patching up the wounded and throwing them back out to war…  I like to follow my work with management with an education and training programme for the rest of the team centred on building healthy relationship dynamics via self-awareness and awareness of others.  I generally work with people off-site to create distance from the current dynamic, but can also work at your place of business if appropriate.

Our Customer Profile

My customers have a need for quality services that are effective and beyond current HR thinking.
I am flexible about location and can provide services at our customers’ location or organise a location away from the usual working environment.
My customers can expect a reliable service from professionals who are accountable and committed.
I provide services that have exceptional value both personally and professionally.
I offer outstanding customer service and follow up for programmes undertaken.
I am approachable, focused and fun-loving.

Odette Hoffmann



Research, Service Delivery, Networking, Business Development.
Director of own Psychotherapy/Counselling and Career Consulting Practice for the past eleven years.

Qualifications and Experience

Career Consulting, Individual and couple’s therapy/counselling both privately and under a variety of contracts including but not limited to EAP providers, ACC and PHO. Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Psychotherapy Practice (AUT), Diploma in Psychotherapy (EIT), Diploma in Human Resource Management (Open Polytechnic), 3 year training in Hakomi Integrative Psychology (Hakomi Institute, Colorado)






  • A1: Relationships will be enhanced as this work will help you to become aware of how you and others tick.  It will enable you to improve your listening skills, your connectivity to yourself and others, identify your own values and beliefs and assertiveness skills – all which are crucial for good relationship.

  • A2:  This programme will help you to identify what feeds your soul and give you the tools and skills to follow through in order to obtain your vision of the future.

  • A3: You will have the skills and tools necessary to be more pro-active in order to achieve your purpose.  Your relationships will become clearer – including your relationship to yourself.

  • A4: Yes, the skills you learn here will assist you to become aware of what feeds your soul – the motivational drives that you have to achieve.  It will also help you to clear the “noise” out of your head and slow down enough to listen to your own internal guidance system.



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